TriMira's Mission Statement

Professionalism And Integrity Directs Our Actions

  • Our professionalism is recognized as setting the standard for others to strive to achieve
  • Our integrity is trusted and it is earned
  • Our actions are guided by established codes of ethical and professional conduct

We Value People, Relationships, and Community

  • We share humor, grief, stress, and fun
  • We invest ourselves in mentoring others to achieve their full potential
  • We push ourselves to realize and perform to our full potential
  • We value diversity and appreciate differences
  • We have effective and influential relationships
  • We are avid listeners and accomplished communicators
  • We foster a culture that recognizes the achievements and contributions of others
  • We see the impact of our actions within our communities
  • We encourage healthy living and a balance of work, family, and personal pursuits
  • We encourage social responsibility
  • We help each other build better lives

Our Passion Stimulates Creative Innovation

  • Our passion sustains motivation, dedication, and commitment
  • Our culture is the catalyst that stimulates and embraces creativity
  • Our vision and our research allow us to be early implementers of emerging advances

We Deliver Quality Results

  • We expect and enable results
  • We believe in continual improvement
  • We set the standard for performance in our industry
  • We collaboratively build on our successes and learn to avoid failure
  • We celebrate success