TriMira Anti-Spam Policy


We cannot stress this enough. There should be a strictly enforced law that states ANY company involved in sending ANY e-mail to ANYONE that didn't specifically request that e-mail be shut down, imprisoned, and executed. Not necessarily in that order.

So, here at TriMira, unless you specifically request hearing from us... you won't.

And just because you write to us for information on one of our products or just to tell us how wonderful we are, does not give us the right to 'add you to our mailing list'

It just won't happen. You have to request it in writing. Something like 'Please add me to your mailing list' or 'Could you put me on your new product announcement list'

The only exception is when we update a product that you have purchased. This usually only happens with software but there have been the occassional updates to our eBooks and Teaching Aids. And, even then, this will be a simple FYI and not a long, drawn-out sales pitch.

What about Marketing, you say?

We Market. We just don't Spam. Word of mouth. Message board signatures where our staff give USEFUL and HELPFUL information. Advertising. Putting out a good product and giving excellent customer service.

You know, the successful method of marketing and business.

So why do we ask you for your E-Mail Address?

E-Mail addresses are like Social Security numbers. They are individually linked to the person.

So your e-mail address is used for our database for easy cross-referencing.

That's it. Nothing more.

And since the E-mail addresses are used for easy cross-referencing, we have no right in giving them to anyone else, even other sites owned by or associated with TriMira (which include English Resource, TopiaWave, Language Solutions, and others)

Thank you for reading this page.